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About StRAP tool:

StRAP tool is a data repository and online cancer gene expression analysis tool. Microarray studies performed in our group and by our collaborators are integrated along with gene expression profiles from published literature for data mining and visualization. The main aim is to facilitate biomarker discovery, validation, and prioritization.

Special attention is given to studies using ionizing radiation.

There are three entry points for data mining and visualization:

  • Genes:

    Search by gene, gene association IDs or by keywoard. This will be linked to the gene annotations and projects that contain the gene of interest.

  • Cell Lines:

    Search by selecting a cell line from a list, by keyword relating to a cell line name or tissue type or histology. This will lead to results from all of the projects that contain selected feature. Meta analysis can be performed if the query results in multiple projects.

  • Arrays:

    Search can be initiated directly from browsing through the list of available projects.

Summary of Experimental Conditions Currently in StRAP:

Tissue Studies Experimental Conditions
Blood 10 4Gy 12H, 4Gy 1H, 4Gy 24H, Cont || 2Gy 24H, Cont || 20Gy 7D, Cont || 10J 24H, 5Gy 4H, Cont || 5Gy 8H, Cont || 1Gy 6H, Cont || 8Gy 6H, Cont || 0.5Gy 24H, 0.5Gy 6H, 2Gy 24H, 2Gy 6H, 5Gy 24H, 5Gy 6H, 8Gy 24H, 8Gy 6H, Cont 24H, Cont 6H || 0.05Gy 24H, 0.05Gy 3H, 0.5Gy 24H, 0.5Gy 3H, Cont 24H, Cont 3H
Breast 4 6Gy 1D, 6Gy 2D, 6Gy 3D, 6Gy 4D, Cont || 2Gy 8D, 2GyTGFB 8D, Cont, TGFB 8D || 2Gy 6H, Cont || 8Gy 6H, Cont
CNS 6 2Gy 6H, Cont || 7pct 1W, Cont || 6Gy 24H, Cont || 8Gy 6H, Cont || Bev 18W, BevCarbcombo 8W, BevCPT.11combo 23W, BevTemocombo 16W, Cont 16W, Cont 18W, Cont 23W, Cont 8W
Colon 1 8Gy 6H, Cont
Fibroblast 2 0.4Gy 24H, 2Gy 24H, 4Gy 24H, Cont || 2Gy 6H, Cont
Kidney 1 8Gy 6H, Cont
Lung 2 2Gy 6H, Cont || 8Gy 6H, Cont
Ovary 1 8Gy 6H, Cont
Pancreas 1 2Gy 6H, Cont
Prostate 1 8Gy 6H, Cont
SCC 4 3Gy 5H, Cont || 3Gy 24H, 3Gy 5H, Cont || 6x5Gy 6D, Cont || 9Gy 6H, Cont
Skin 3 4Gy 12H, 4Gy 1H, 4Gy 24H, Cont || 10J 24H, 5Gy 4H, Cont || 8Gy 6H, Cont

'Gy' - Gray     'J' - Joules     'pct' - percent     'W' - weeks     'D' - days     'H' - hours     'Cont' - controls     'WT' - Wild type     'AT' - Mutant     'IC' - Intracranial     'IV' - In vitro     'SC' - Subcutaneous
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